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Water storage

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Now I have a bigger greenhouse and therefore more scope to expand my collection I'm going to need more water. I currently have 3 210 litre butts but struggled in the dry months this year. I need to increase the storage capacity but don't just want to get more water butts (although that is an option). I was thinking of buying one of these used 1000 litre IBC tanks. Has anyone got experience of these? For instance being translucent is there a problem with algae growth? My main difficulty will be getting into the property - I think I'd have to remove a fence panel!

Any other suggestions would also be welcome.


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Hello Linuxman,

I can only give my experience from owning an allotment and having one of these. There are black IBC's available online which will pretty much eliminate algae growth and if you're lucky enough to spot one on an ind. estate around you it is sometimes worth asking around for any that are going spare (free) or for a small fee. Just be careful as some of these IBC tanks can hold various chemicals which might need a thorough clean before use. 

Also, 1000 litres of water is about 1 tonne in weight so make sure the footprint it is on is sufficiently supported and not on your favourite patio slabs which may crack under the weight. 

Good luck!

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Hi linuxman

I use 2 of those 1000 litre IBC tanks stacked one on top of the other to save space and a flexible plastic pipe between them so the top one can fill the lower one when required.  As jds05 says you do need good firm foundations for them, I used 2 layers of breeze blocks which also raised them up sufficiently to get a watering can underneath the tap.

The lower tank is clear plastic and the upper tank is black plastic.  Yes, the clear plastic tank goes green in the summer but I have never had any problems whatsoever with using the water on cps.  The upper black tank I acquired a year after the lower clear plastic tank because I wanted to try and stop the tank and water going green.  However, since the top tank fills the lower one and I only use water out of the lower tank, I have no idea if black stops algal growth but I imagine it must keep it way down!

Thus I would suggest buying a black tank if you have the choice, but to be honest, I have never had any problems with green water from the clear plastic tank :biggrin:.

Kind regards,  Rob

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