Hello! I have these guys which are doing really well on my windowsill...I think?

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Hi all,

These are my first carnivorous plants and I bought these three lovelies a few months ago. They look to be doing really well, but i'm not sure what to do next.

(D.aliciae, D.capensis alba and a D. capensis narrow leaf)

They've only been sat on my window sill, and i've had them sat in water in their trays the whole time. 

I think the flowers that have grown out of them look lovely. But i've read that they need to go dormant/that I should chop the flowers off...

Any advice at all? Can I keep them going as they are? Do I/Can I repot them to help them grow bigger/more flowers? It's going into Winter here now in Leeds, UK.

Thanks in advance! 

p.s. - i've also got a Drosera dicotoma Sundew which has been doing fine but hasn't changed, so presume to keep doing the same


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Hello and welcome to the forum

D. aliciae and D. capensis don't need a dormancy. They might slow down a bit but you don't have to do anything special. I can't see your pictures but as long your plants are healthy, you are probably doing the right thing. It depends on the pot size if you need to repot but drosera capensis and aliciae are not that picky so you are probably just fine. 


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Thanks for your reply! I've reattached the images. 

So does the Sundew need a dormancy? 

Also, in regards to repotting it was with the intention of /hoping they might, get bigger. Will this happen? 



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Your plants look really healthy. Your D. capensis and D. aliciae don't necessary need a dormancy since they are subtropical plants. They may slow down growing because of the shorter daylight and a slightly lower temerature but they don't need a full dormancy with almost freezing temperatures like a plant from a temperate climate needs. Your D. capensis will form a small trunk troughout the years, but it won't grow much in width. The aliciae will stay a flat rosette. 

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