Pinguicula vulgaris seed and hibernacula

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I am selling Pinguicula vulgaris seeds and hibernacula on my eBay and just figured out how to ship to Europe if anyone is interested. The seeds were collected from the end of July on and the hibernacula are flowering size. Message me if you have any questions or anything. My eBay link is



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6 hours ago, anjoeskrpio said:

Hello do you have some seeds or plants for sell?


I don’t have any at the moment but I will have some seeds soon. I can message you and let you know if you like.


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1 hour ago, StrlA said:

Hey, when you have more, I'm interested in all kinds of Pings (except Wesser and Tina, because I already have those).


Why not try Max on this forum if you are looking for Pings.  He has quite a number for sale and I can vouch for the high quality of his plants.

Kind regards,  Rob

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On 26/4/2021 at 14:02, Antoroe said:


No tengo ninguna en este momento, pero pronto tendré algunas semillas. Puedo enviarte un mensaje y hacerte saber si quieres.


Hola , tienes disponible las semillas?

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5 hours ago, janne091 said:

Hello, these are beautiful plants, if you have for sale, write here on the forum because I would like to buy them because they are beautiful and I am looking for plants like these, unfortunately in my country there are no such plants anywhere


I do have some of these plants for sale if you are interested you can private message me.

Kind regards

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