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Can anyone offer some advice on when to plant various seeds in the UK?

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I've only been keeping carnivorous plants for a year or two. I decided recently to order some seeds for the first time. I've read lots of conflicting information. 

I've ordered VFT seeds, Sarracenia Flava seeds, Drosera Anglica seeds, Drosera Capensis seeds and Drosera Madagasceriensis seeds. 

My plan was to wait until October and plant the VFT, Sarracenia and anglica seeds outside in my cold frame and just wait until spring to see seedlings. But then I read online that VFTs naturally shed their seeds in early summer and aren't supposed to go through cold stratification. Will my plan for these work? If so, how should I store the seeds until October as they should be here in a few days? I thought about putting them in the fridge, but there's a chance the weather outside could still be a lot warmer than my fridge in October which may accidentally make them germinate when I put them into my cold frame.

For the capensis and madagascarensis, I have a windowsill in my house the my pinguiculas and droseras seem to be happy on so I was just going to plant them straight away and put them there. Should this work ok? 



Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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