Does it need dormancy?

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Drosera pygmaea go dormant in the wild, but peter d’amato says in “The Savage Garden” that some pygmies don’t go into summer dormancy if you keep them damp. Should I or should I not do summer dormancy? (I don’t have a drosera pygmaea yet, I’m just considering getting one)

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I have no experience with drosera pygmaea in particular but since it is one of the easier species and it has a wide natural range I think it should be fine when kept wet in the summer. My D. scorpiodes (also an easy pygmy) are kept wet year round and they are fine. 

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I have one pot growing on my windowsill and another one outside in the greenhouse. I'm going to leave them in the greenhouse in the winter since I don't have any space left on the windowsill. As long as it doesn't get too cold I'm positive they will survive. 

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