How high sarracenia humidity?


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Hi, I live in North Texas. The summer temperatures are most often 100 degrees Fahrenheit , but can go from 90 to 105. The humidity is most often around 50 percent, but it can fluctuate 35 to 60. I have PLENTY of direct sunlight. Winter temps can drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the nighttime. Could I grow sarracenia minor, alata, and rubra outside all year??? Could I grow all sarracenia outside all year, with maybe the exception of s.purpurea subspecies purpurea? I’m just a noob that has a mystery nepenthes, a drosera capensis, and a typical dionaea muscipula. I also have a terrarium that I want to stuff full of CPs, but for now its only occupant is a lonely dionaea muscipula flower stalk cutting. I hope to get some more CPs in the near future (and the distant future, too!). I just want to get a yes or no answer, not a “This species is hardy to zone 8a” or something like that. CPs forever!!! (And ever and ever and ever!!!)

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