How can I circulate my terrarium?

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I have a 12 x 30 glass terrarium with a glass lid. The lid leaves about a 1/2  inch gap along the long side (the 30 inch side). How can I get the air to circulate through the terrarium without letting out the humidity? Also, would a fan blowing over the lid cool the terrarium to room temperature? (the light fixture created heat in the terrarium)

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That is so individual given tank size, dimentions,  local climate, light etc. Something we all need to experiment with until we find a solution that works best for us.

My final solution is a bit high etc, but works for me:

Small fans circulating internally 12 hours during the day. The tank has passive ventilation low front to roof, not enough for my tank in summer with my misting. And a little too much in the winter. So I put a quite strong fan in the top to push air backwards when needing,  creating a quite  dynamic air flow. That fan is on a humidostat and Only runs when humidity is too high.

Good luck with your build.

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