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Hi All,

As the title says "Not long now" until Penny the Pingicula flowers for the first time under my guardianship....

She was bought as a Pingicula 'Weser' 20200814_173556.thumb.jpg.c833cca349720eecabf723d6b494904c.jpgfrom the local garden centre, I'm hoping that's the case... I'll post an updated photo when shes opened up fully for your options...

Many thanks


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If your plant is from a garden center it is unlikely that it is the real P. "Weser", which has to be propagated assexually since it is a registered cultivar. Your plant is probably the same cross as the real P. "weser" but with other parents. These plants are often referred to as "fake weser". However, this doesn't mean you don't have a nice plant of course!

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Hi Jasper,

Thank you for your feedback, it's very much appreciated sadly yes she was from a garden centre so in all probability my Penny is a "fake weser". I had a gut feeling something was afoot since joining cpuk and reading past posts, either way I'm happy with her but note to self... no more garden centre plants!

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