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Darlingtonia soften, dried out, collapse, HELP


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I have been growing two pots of mature sized cobra lilies since March in London and they have been thriving both on my balcony or windowsill, produced half sized mature stolons. But ever since around July the new leafs on the smaller one begin to blacken, then the entire plant begin to soften and collapse. I would have thought that survived the heat wave. Now there is no sign of growing and i can't seem to find pest, which I was thinking it could be spider mites. IMG_3866.thumb.jpg.0fdf7d7fc9d3fbebe49bcbd2302d35c0.jpg

(above)this is before they started collapsing and dying: new leaves are tall and healthy. I was quite amazed by how fast they grow.



(above) this is few days after. I have very occasionally put ice in the water tray, and tried to top it with cool water. I thought I could have shocked the entire plants. 


(above)These two are the mother plants now, which both have stopped growing too.


There was at least two stolons on each plants and they have died too... see picture below which was taken a month ago. 


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Even if you can't find pests, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Some pest species are so small that it is impossible to see them without a microscope. Usually, you can find out about the appearance of pests through the appearance of the flower. My wife loves flowers, so we have a lot of flowers at home. Flowers are great for pest living. There were pests in our house because of the flowers, but I quickly got rid of them when I turned to https://ajverminatorpestcontrol.com/ and not in vain. These guys are real professionals who get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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These much prefer to at least spend summer outdoors and kept wet all the time. As others noted, looks like they dried out at some point (air inside can get very dry). I do keep some in one of my greenhouses that can often be over 40°C and in my opinion temperature is less of an issue than humidity.

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