Am I doing something wrong with my heliamphora?

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I’ve only owned this plant for a few days and every time I pick it up by the pot a pitcher seems to break. 

Its on a southeast facing windowsill. Although it probably points slightly more to the east. Gets a lot of morning sun. I thought it may be getting roasted by too much morning sun. But this also happened on the first day I got it before it had spent much time on the windowsill.



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Heliamphoras are known to have brittle pitchers and to my knowledge sunburn doesn't make pitchers break. As far as I can see, your plant looks quite healthy, so I would recommend to just leave it in the tray as much as possible.


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It's a fairly gut-wrenching when you break the spoons on brand new Heli pitchers, but in my experience they are quite tough and this doesn't stop them growing. Once it's settled down it should be fine.  For me the biggest danger has been too many heatwaves.

Just try not to poke them too much to see how they're going on :wink:

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