Drosera paradoxa/petiolaris/lanata?

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Last week, I bought this Drosera. The label does not say which type it is. I found pictures on Google and I found pictures of that plant with different names (Paradoxa, Petiolaris, Lanata). Which one is it?

I live in UK. I left the plant outside. Temperature 20 C. After a couple of days, it turns red (as you can see from the second photo). What has happened?  I read that it can take high temperature, up to 30 C.

How do I care for this plant?

Any help it welcome. Thank you in advance.



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Hi! I’ve never grown a petiolaris complex sundew.. but I can tell you that I’ve seen in garden centers drosera paradoxa at about € could be paradoxa...

in my sundews that red coloration is due to too much direct sunlight ...

I think you have bought the plant and put immediately it in direct sunlight... better do it gradually... at the moment you could shadow a little it with a scottex paper;-)

good luck

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