Why the stark difference in Dionaea muscipula?

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My typical flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) grow in same pot together in the same location, yet some traps are deep red, larger and they lie close to the ground. Other traps on another typical vft are lime green (no red whatsoever) and grow to various sizes and vertically straight up into the air. What could explain these stark differences considering same pot, same typical Dionaea muscipula species and same location and water?


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They have genetically different growth habits. Some grow redder traps than others, some only grow traps that hug the ground, others grow long stems and hold the traps up high. Growers like to collect different ones.

Try an all red variety like 'Red Dragon'.

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As said from Alexis, genetically differences... a lot of people think that typical dionaea muscipula are all obtained from the same plant and mass reproduced... but I’ve seen a video in wich  the author explain, for example, that the typical Venus fly traps from a well known Dutch nursery are all different individuals grown from seeds;-)

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To add to what others have said, some for me make traps lower down more at certain times of the year, also a few clones are dimorphic (like the real dracula/royal red in my experiences), some clones darken more, and if your plant is catching a lot of insects the traps are closed a lot, so they wont colour up as much as the inner part hasn't seen as much sun.

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