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Pinguicula cyclosecta dying help!


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I put it under artificial light for a few days after shipping then put them under 2~3hrs morning sun and 70% sunlight the rest of the day. One day i saw its leaves looks like been bitten by some sort of bug. There were two of them togather but one died shortly after. The leaves died first then looks like it rots from the very bottom, and the last one lost its big leaves, but the base looks okay. 1/3of the pot is sphagnum moss, middle layer lavarock mixes with peat, top layer is still lava rock mix with alittle bit of peat. I use tray watering method, and the top is always moist. Ive moved it inside under artificial lights, not gonna risk it again! Please tell me its going to survive (crying face). Am i doing it right? Or is it other causes like fungus or sunburn? But i also grow my other pinguiculas under the 70% sunlight with no problems... please help, thank you!



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Hi!! It seems me sunburn... if the plant is like in the first picture, it will survive... I think that growlight wit red and blue lights may be a little stronger for pinguiculas... another thing... I don’t understand well... the sphagnum is in the lower part of the pot and you put on it lava rock and peat? If yes, pay attention that sphagnum doesn’t rot... it happen me with live sphagnum under sand;-)

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it is a plant in a calcareous environment, so for me rather use a more mineral substrate, just moist substrate not too wet.
right now at my house they are outside.

the light of the sun is always one more, especially for this species which in the sun makes beautiful purple borders on the edge of their leaf

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