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Rainwater - how fresh does it need to be?

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I have an abundance of rainwater that I collect at my allotment from polytunnels so it doesn't touch, say roofing felt on sheds. The water gets stored in in clean plastic containers. All have lids to stop light getting in - for example, unused dustbins and blue barrels that have been pressure washed. The water is clear and has no green algae blooms. 

So........... how fresh does the rainwater need to be? is there a maximum period after which I shouldn't use the stored rainwater? Or am I just worrying for nothing?


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On 7/13/2020 at 12:58 PM, Lee Chamberlain said:

I usually check mine with a tds meter.. Below 50ppm and you are ok.. but saying that i mostly have dionaea..
Not sure how pure the water should be for Sarrs and Cephs.

Your rainwater is collecting something if it's near 50! Should be about 12

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