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Asda rescue plants

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I found some dried out specimens at ASDA.  Note I am a novice here and have never kept pitcher plants. I hate going past plant displays in store and seeing plants that have died through simple neglect.

I bought these ones reduced to 37p as I liked the pots but have tried to revive them.

Any advice on how to do so or identification?


Btw the perked up ones were watered and revived after an hour or two.


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The plants that revived after watering should be fine, however, the closest one in the picture looks really dehydrated so I am afraid that it is dead. Caring for the others is quite easy: give them as much sun as possible, make sure they have a cold winter dormancy, let the pots stand in a tray of water. The water should be low in minerals (rainwater is perfect). If you want more detailed care info, check out the website of the ICPS (international carnivorous plants society). 

Most plants from regular gardencenters are complex crosses with uncertain parentage, but it's possible to guess some of their parentage. Counting from front to back: The first one is too dehydrated to make a guess, but the second one certainly has sarracenia purpurea as parent (maybe even pure, a better picture would help). The third one  is probably some kind of cross between s. leucophylla and s. psittacina. 

I hope this helps growing them. 


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Good to hear that they revived. With some luck it will not take too long until you have some nice pitchers. Unfortunately, I can't add much to the identification. If you really want to know which plants you have, you could try to figure out the nursery ASDA got them from and see if they have a catalogue on their website. 


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