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Asda rescue

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I found some dried out specimens at ASDA.  Note I am a novice here and have never kept pitcher plants. I hate going past plant displays in store and seeing plants that have died through simple neglect.

I bought these ones reduced to 37p as I liked the pots but have tried to revive them.

Any advice on how to do so or identification?



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"Indoor plant"... In case you don't know (and there's no shame, especially when stores lie to you), Sarracenia are very much outdoor plants, they come from North America, from a temperate climate. You can probably keep them alive indoors for a while, but just like you wouldn't grow violets in your living room, Sarracenia should really be kept outdoors at all times. Unfortunately, it looks like they're completely dried up, although by now you probably already know.

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No that’s not the case. Sarracenia are quite happy on a sunny windowsill as long as they get a cool winter rest. The best place for Sarracenia in most of the U.K. is an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel, as you get about 3 months extra growth and higher temps. Outdoors you can grow quite a few species, more in the south, less in the north...

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