white insects on plants

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Hello everyone. I have a problem with my carnivorous plants. They have tiny white insects on them. I don't know what they are and they are damaging my plants. Suggestions and advice on how to deal with them kindly received. Thanks


















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I agree with Argo, aphid skins from when they moult.  See if you can spot the live adults, you may need a magnifying glass depending on how good your eyesight is (I do!).  They also cause deformed traps and leaves.  If they are still present, you will probably need to spray with an insecticide.  I've used Rose Clear and Provado (or whatever it's called these days) on Drosera and VFTs before without problems.  Hopefully other growers will chime in with further suggestions.

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Definitely aphids - I can even see a live one on a capensis in the 13th photo from the top! When there is only a few on a sundew, I prefer to feed them back to the plant they've been eating! :evil:

When there are lots, you can submerge the plant in rainwater for a couple of days to drown them or, as suggested, use an insecticide. I can vouch for Provado Ultimate Big Killer and SB plant invigorator, although a few drops of washing up liquid in a spray bottle of rainwater works too. Worth flushing the pot very well after using any insecticide.

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Not wanting to disagree with Greg but I read somewhere that soap based insecticides were not suitable for CPs.  I haven't tried them so can't say from personal experience but it might be worth doing a bit of research (getting CPUK forum or FB group opinion at least) first. 

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No apology needed, we're all just trying to help the OP with his plant problem :tu:

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