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Hi Everyone

New user, just registered.

I have a nepenthes that I got from a garden centre about 2-3 years ago. I dont remember what variety it is. It has grown quite a lot and I have upgraded its pot twice since ive had it.

I have recently noticed a few things. Firstly, some of the leaves and stem have started to go brown/black and its slowly spreading back down towards the base of the plant. There is fresh health growth and new pitchers at the top of the plant

Secondly, ive noticed its now producing "mini" pitcher plants, which i am assuming is it "vining"  ?

Thirdly, you can see from the pot that I never really pruned it and just let it grow off the window sill. I dont really have anywhere to hang it. If it survives a few more years I plan on sticking it in a green house when i get one.

Is there anything you would do to improve its condition or keep it happy ? (its currently potted in a mixture of 50-50 sphagnum moss and some nepenthes "compost" mix that i purchased.



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Hi everyone

My plant is still going strong and has some wonderful, large new pitchers formed. Will it continue to grow as a long vine ? Do i need to trim it ?

I would love to put it onto a greenhouse up high and allow the vine to work its way across the structure - unfortunately I cant do that just yet.

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Your plant will continue growing a long vine. As long as you have enough space you don't have to prune it. Pruning will stimulate basal shoots, this sets the plant essentially back to its rosette stage but after some time it will start vining again. Ultimatly, whether you prune or not comes down to your own preference and space. 

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