Hello from Vicky hopefully future Terrarium owner :)

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Hi there all,

I currently have 2 plants - Trumpet pitcher and a Cape Sundew and are doing really well in my conservatory (recently moved in)

I did have fish in a large rectangle tank and I'm thinking of creating a Terrarium with it (all of course Carnivorous)

I'm of course going to do the usual leg work but after that I will hopefully be able to get the help of fellow Carnivorous plant lovers to help me along in the process :)

Don't suppose any tips for starting? As I've already got the plants in a conservatory do I need compensate for the heat levels when I place them them in a Terrarium which will be inside the conservatory?

Do I even need a Terrarium if I have the plants in a conservatory?

Many thanks : )

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Hello and welcome! 

I grow sundews, Sarracenia, Nepenthes and Heliamphora in a conservatory with no problems - a terrarium isn't necessary for your plants. The sundew would be ok if there is enough light, but the pitcher would probably get grumpy. I suspect they'd both be happier on the windowsill.

Is there plenty of sun? The pitcher would prefer 6 hours or more of direct light. You'll need to put it outside for winter so that it can get a proper dormancy, but the sundews can stay inside all year.

If you have your heart set on a terrarium, maybe some tropical sundews and/or small nepenthes?

Good luck!

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