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Drosera binata - black tips


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I'm very very new to this, I've been a sundew owner for 2 days! I've sadly already got a problem with one of them, a drosera binata, and would really appreciate some help before it gets any worse. I looked in the forum already but couldn't find a post to help. Thanks in advance for any tips.

I've got a mature drosera binata 'pink flower' which is developing black tips on some stems. Most of its stems are also lacking any dew at all. (See pics - note pics aren't in its normal location.)

It's in a pot about 15cm tall and 20cm wide. I'm watering it with pure water and it's standing in a bowl with a bit of water in. It's in a mix of moss peat and perlite from the nursery I bought it from. It's by a big window and is getting mostly direct sunlight from dawn til midday, thereafter good light but not direct. Temp so far is probably around 18 degrees C at night and 22 during the day.

It was posted to me and so spent about 3 days in total darkness while being delivered. Could the black tips just be stress from the journey / adjusting to its new conditions?

I've also got a standard drosera binata in the same conditions and it looks fine.

Thank you for your help!

D. binata black tip 1.jpg

D. binata black tip 2.jpg

D. binata black tip 3.jpg

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It takes a while for them to settle in that's all.  Some of the blackening could be just normal old-leaf die-off.  Dew will happen but it can take a few days.  Don't dispair. Things will turn out just fine.

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On 6/1/2020 at 6:34 PM, SundewMidlander said:

Thank you very much for your quick and reassuring reply! I was just getting worried as the others are OK. Is it advisable to remove the black parts and / or remove dead stems when the whole stem is black? Thank you.

You can remove them or leave them on. No harm either way, except for aesthetics.  Happy Growing!

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For what it's worth, my binata, that are outside all year, are also suffering from the dry weather. On top of that, because they're a lot weaker than they normally are, they're infested by aphids. Interestingly, var. binata seems to struggle a lot more than var. multifida (with regards to both the dry weather and the aphids). Perhaps it's something to do with var. multifida being about twice as big, with much thicker petioles and thick roots.

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