Hello... CP nut for 5 years need advise

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Hi all.. first post a bit of a sober one

recently set up a big garden which had been doing great but then noticed spots on most of my plants

any advice would be brilliant, think it’s spider mites but treatment has done nothing








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Without knowing what treatment you used for spider mite, I doubt anything available to the amateur grower would kill spider mite whatever the package says - at least that has always been my experience.  Since you said a bog (big) garden, could some of the external damage be caused by slugs or snails?  The large brown pitcher damage on pic 4 would be caused by a too big or juicy a catch or something like a wasp rasping its way out of the pitcher.  You often get those towards the end of the season when the pitchers fill up.

If you think the damage is a pest of some description try a spray like BugClear.  It won't damage the plants and should kill most pests.  Again, it could simply be sooty mould as others have suggested and there is little you can do about that except keeping a good airflow around the plants.

Kind regards,  Rob

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