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I ordered some plants from triffid nurseries, and in amongst the Drosera Capensis of my beginner set were some other, small drosera. One that has spoon shaped leaves (spatulata?). And one with forked leaves (binata?) but with entirely red stems not green like the one that was part of the order). Now also in the other capensis there are some entirely green spoon shaped leaves showing up and I wonder whether these are a different species again or where just covered by sphagnum moss...

While we're at it, I used sphagnum moss because I ran out of peat when the order arrived and my girlfriend still had some sphagnum - is this fine? Or should I repot again? 

Sorry for the newbie questions, I only just got into it! 

Best wishes, 



IMG_3551 2.jpeg




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Drosera binata comes in many forms, both red and green, so it's entirely possible it's a binata. Not sure about the others without checking as I'm no expert but it could be D. spatulata. Looks like you have some Utricularia in that pot as well.

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In the first half dozen CPs I bought a couple of years ago I got seedlings in the pots which turned out to be 2 species of Drosera, 2 Utricularia and 3 Sarracenia. Free stuff is great, but 2 years down the line, I have given up trying to get  D. spatulata and U. bisquamata out of pots of anything else.

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