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First time attempting a mini bog garden. Will this work?


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I've been looking to create a mini bog garden using the VFTs and sarracenias that I've been growing in pots for about a year. I want to put them all into a bigger pot. I've found that the premixed soil would work out quite expensive so I think I'm going to mix it up myself. Can someone tell me if all of this stuff is ok? From what I've read, I think I'm supposed to mix the peat and perlite at a 50/50 ratio and then I'm thinking of layering sphagnum moss on the top. I estimate that I'd only use about half of the substrate in the links below. Will this keep for future projects if I seal the bags up? I've read about using sand at the bottom. Is this necessary or can I skip that part?


Above is a link for the perlite. I wasn't too sure because it said that it is fertilised. 


Above is a link for the peat moss. 


Above is a link for the sphagnum moss.


Above is the link for the pot. I will be drilling holes in the sides towards the bottom. 



Any help is much appreciated. 

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Actually, I have just looked at the products again and noticed that the first link is not pure perlite and I think I read somewhere in that the stuff in the second link is nitrogen rich. So I assume they are no good.

Does anyone know where to get or how to make carnivorous plant soil  in the UK without spending a fortune?

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Hi George

There are still some garden centres that sell peat. I see you are in the Midlands, peat is generally almost exclusively available from private nurseries, I get mine from Grasmere garden centre in Brownhills (this varies between Shamrock and Westland which I think isn't as good) or another garden centre near Stourbridge the name of which escapes me but I can find if needed, also the Plant Pot in Lichfield also used to have some but they have also changed from Shamrock to Westland 

A bit of research at local nurseries, should get you 60 litres or more of peat for less than a tenner, and they will have perlite too, but that will be more expensive. Mix them up in 50/50 mix and away you go.

They may have sphagnum for hanging baskets too.



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I got both online, cheaper than garden centres and good quality (I think the last peat I got was from Northern Ireland)

Perlite is weird stuff formed when water reacts with volcanic natural glass; it is  neutral and actually absorbs ions. 

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Thanks both of you. I ordered some online this morning. A 100 litre of Evergreen Irish moss peat for £13 and 50 litres of perlite for 15. 

I know that garden centre. It's about 10 minutes away from me!

Just need get hold of sphagnum moss now. 

Is this sort of stuff for orchids alright or does it contain fertiliser does anyone know?


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