Need advice for seedling

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l started to grow nepenthes from seeds since June 2019.

i have few questions regarding growing nepenthes from seeds 

1-> what is the best light to provide 

  I tried

led + sun ( not direct )

just led 

 and on this 2 cases. My seedling are always yellow 

For the soil I used only pure sphagnum, but I’m not sure it is the best to use for growing  seedling

3 what is your opinion about my actual seedling collection ? What I can enhance to have more healthy neps ?




Seedling 2


thank a lot


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It is not about led or sun. It is type of led, filtered or not. Direct or indirect.  Duration and how strong.

With that beeing Said. I have no more experience than you. Me seedlings is just 6 months now. However, the concept of light and photosyntesis is the same for any plants. 




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a part of my seedling  are under 50w horticole led 

another part are under 25 W horticole led + direct sun between 15h to 17h and high light on the others period.

i fear to burn it with the sun 

i will try a mix of sun + artificial light and see how it will grow. 

i'm not totally clear about the light requirement of the seedling

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Morning Guillaume_p!

Hope those seedlings are coming along well! I've only tried once, but this was when I very first started attempting to grow. I'm still terrible, but getting there. I saw this post reciently by Gareth, might be helpful? He did a few tests - 

His experience might help out, have a look and see if there is anything you can try? Hope it helps! :)

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What answer do you expect on how much?

Type, Watt, Lumen, Lux, pur, par or duration?

Light is not as easy to quantify as leangth or weight. Better to learn your own plants under your own conditions. Unfortunattely some plants will die meanwhile.   

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