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UPVC Greenhouses

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I was just wondering if anyone has a UPVC greenhouse and if so, what are your thoughts? I know they're not the most attractive but the double glazing and UPVC should keep the greenhouse warmer than aluminium in the winter.

If you considered one and decided against it, what was your reasoning?

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I have two identical aluminium greenhouses next to each other , one has safety glass and the other thin twin walled polycarbonate glazing. The polycarbonate glazed greenhouse is always a few degrees warmer and the plants more advanced. I cannot comment on the upvc  frame. Hope this is of some help.


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Depends what you're growing. Most CP's need maximum light and glass or poly tunnel membrane are the best. Thicker toughened glass will keep a bit more heat in.

White powder coated aluminium helps the light increase further.

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