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Making a poll


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I think 2 years is a bit young,unless you are growing them under lights and feeding them? Also everybody likes different colours/hybrids,shapes etc,so you are only going to get that shown in a poll,or only the thoughts of people that can be bothered to vote, just enjoy your own selections


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Thanks Ada.

I just thought it would be interesting. The plants were under lights for the first year and have just had their first dormancy. I also need to make some room for the next batch coming through. The pitchers they are producing are about 15/20 cm tall, so not bad.

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They all look beautiful to me, but I would say bottom right takes it. But there is also growth habit and height (2, one metre pitchers versus a dozen of 25 cm long), vigour, and hardiness (does it perform as well in a bog as in a greenhouse) that can sway people. 

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