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Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

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Hi there, my name is Margot, I once had an account here but apparently is not possible to sign in using Google anymore (?).

I am the proud mama of a Pinguicula x Tina since September, it went through dormancy just fine and now it looks like the rosette split into two and the foliage is slowly growing back to its "predator" size. :happy:

Taking advantage of the marvellous spring the UK is going through this year, and the spare time I have staying at home, I wanted to challenge my gardening skills and try to build a carnivore dome terrarium. 

However, knowing that carnivore plants in particular are extremely sensitive and different varieties of the same species may have completely different needs, I would prefer to rely on your expertise to assure which plants might thrive well in the same conditions as the Tina and also in a highly humid environment such as a terrarium. I had a look for a couple of new additions that I might be interested in, for instance another Mexican Butterwort (agnata/martinezii), possibly a Sundew (admirabilis/nitidula)... could these hybrid be okay for my idea? Any other that might live well in a terrarium? 

(...Hopefully not Venus Flytraps, I've had a series of sad experiences with them :flag_of_truce:)

Thank you guys for the help! :smile:


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I've done some terrariums - although not often containing carns.  For ones in the house you need species that will cope with constant year round temperature  (which rules out VFT as these and others need a cool dormancy) .  I cant comment on drosera as I don't grow many inside, but most Mexican pings will be fine with house temps. 

Watch that sunlight doesn't 'cook' the insides if you're putting it close to a window.  If using artificial light then keep the levels close to what it gets in nature (roughly 12/12) and you should find your Mexican pings love it.

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