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Hi all

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well in the current climate. 

I've recently been quite taken with nepenthes, and I'd like to set up a terrarium to house maybe 3-4 "easy" plants, that can give them enough space and proper care. 

Right now I have an X ventrata, which I've got in a container covered with cling film and a strong plant LED, but I'd like to explore options for a bigger set up. 

Where did everyone start off with their set ups? Can anyone give some helpful advice to a real newbie?

So far I've been looking at exo terra terrariums, but noticed they have mesh lids, so I'd have to get a glass one made, then lighting and whatnot. 

I'd figured with sticking to a nice display of easier plants, since I feel clueless just now. 

I've got my copy of The Savage Garden, but I haven't had a chance to delve into it so perhaps it'll also help along. 

I seen this image from a fellow member on the forum and it's very inspirational, not sure if I'd be able to replicate this so easily, but that's my ideal!



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