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Popped into a local garden centre a while back, and saw a nepenthes - large, but no traps, being fed the usual diet of tap water and no identification. Got it home and split it into two plants, both of which have thrived in my lounge courtesy of a bit of localised humidity and thrown up some spectacular traps. Problem is, I'm struggling to identify which type it is. It has the pitcher mottling and wider leaves of a Miranda, but the trap shape of a Ventrata. The leaves are roughly 9.5 - 10.5 cms across at their broadest, and the traps are between 20-25 cms in depth from lip to base. Any informed guesses ?





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I don’t know, peraphs I see something of ventricosa.... but it is a very nice plant: I like it and it’s pitchers very much! Good job!!!:tu:

p.s.: I don’t think it is this plant, but write “nepenthes x mimi” on google... there are same similarities

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Yup, that occurred to me, too, as I already have several ventricosa and vent. x ampullaria examples. It was the width of the leaves, in particular, that puzzled me, as my ventricosas generally have slimmer, more tapered leaves.

It was surprising how quickly it recovered from the garden centre - I'd read an article on creating localised conditions, set it up in a fairly wide tray beneath the pot which I filled with gravel. I keep the gravel topped up permanently with rainwater which gently evaporates. The plants seem to love it.

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