Sarracenia problems

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask you for your opinions on the following photos.

The first one I assume is a mite or parasite of some description that has caused the deformation. Should I cut the pitcher off?

And secondly the second a third photos of S. Leucophylla X Goldie and its pointy flower buds. Has anyone seen this before? All my other sarracenia flower buds are rounded. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Many thanks,







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An aphid might have had a suck on the pitcher, or it might have been slightly damaged when it was very small. Let it carry on it might straighten up. Don't cut it - it'll still photosynthesise no matter how wonky.

Some species, such as leucophylla can produce more pointy flower buds. Flavas are usually more ball like.

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Many thanks Alexis. So annoying about the pitcher. It is a nice strong growth too! The plant is sending up some more pitchers. But I don't think they will be as big. Nevermind.

I hadn't noticed the slightly different shape of leuco buds before. I'll look at my species now they are coming up.

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