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Plants for charity

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With garden centres closed and with a surplus of plants that I would usually give away to relatives and friends , I have decided to put a charity plant stall outside my house- I am on route to the park and get passing dog walkers etc. I have floated the idea with the local community Facebook page and they seem keen. At first it will be a few spare tomatoes and Hosta divisions, but I have done some divisions of VFTs, Mexican pings and D. capensis that I will put out when they look less scruffy (with a proper care sheet!). Hopefully I can spread the CP love and make some money for NHS charities at the same time. The idea is to have a table with an honesty payment where there is a minimum price (suggesting that more is better) for each plant (I think £3 for VFTs, £2 for small capensis) with the web address of 2 local hospital charity sites to chose from to pay into. I recon most people here are pretty honest. I will launch this coming weekend and if it works well, I will come here and let people know in case they want to do something similar.

I don't have any spare Sarracenia that would be suitable for a first timers (short, clump forming such as S. purpurea and purp hybrids) but if anyone has any spares I could have for not much money I would be interested in a few to add to the table.

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Did plant sales for 6 weeks;  it should have made a couple of hundred pounds for charity. On a couple of days, most stuff was sold before I had even finished labelling things up (tomatoes and bedding plants especially). Other people in the area also gave spare houseplants, perennial divisions and spare bedding plants and it went very well. I made up and sold a dozen each VFTs and capensis, as well as a few tiny pots of D. spatulata (all with a care sheet). So hopefully sharing the CP love too.


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