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 I'm getting back into the hobby and I'm about to receive my first few plants  in a few day. BUT  my 3 year old son has opened the tap on the waterbutt that I've collected water for the plants and has emptied completely .No rain is in the forecast .

Where can I buy distilled water ?

Is it just bottled water? 

Also could I collect water from my shed ? Or is it best to stay clear as the roof is covered with shed felt, wood it harm the plants?

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Bottled water isnt distilled water and does contain nutrients so wouldnt be a good alternative. Water sold for irons or car batteries are distilled or RO but some aquarium specialists (if you can fin done thats open) sell RO water which is perfect. If you have access to an AC unit the water from that can be used. In the short term if plants are dying, any water is better than none and pots can be flushed with rain/distilled water later if tap water has to be used.

I collect water off my shed felted roofs, and my house roof, it raises the mineral content slightly (worse in light rain or infrequent showery conditions) but not enough to worry about, according to my TDS machine the 'pure' rainwater is 8-12 ppm and the roof water varies form 8 -15 with the dust and muck that accrues on it.  

If you feel rich enough you could buy a Reverse Osmosis machine.



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You can buy a TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solids) from Amazon for less than £10.  Do a search on TDS Meter for a selection.  Always good to have for testing your water and rainwater should be anything from about 8 - 15 ppm if not contaminated.  Water less than 50 ppm is usually fine for carnivorous plants.

Kind regards,  Rob

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I live 7 miles from preston and the tds of our tap water which I've just checked is 49ppm

Alternatively dehumidifier water is low at 12 or you can buy distilled water online of which I have had to purchase in the past few years during the dry spells we have had but isn't cheap but again does the job and delivered quickly

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I wouldn't go for bottled water, as it doesn't contain all the nutrients your plants request for their well-being. You can find a good filter for the running water in your house that would be more useful and efficient for your plants. You can also choose the temperature of the water, save the money you would spend on buying bottled water, and stop wasting a large amount of plastic out of the bottles. There is an enormous number of water-related services you can find in your region that would help you fix all the issues you encounter in a very short period of time. The one I go for every time is https://www.ssrestore.com/mold-remediation-san-diego/.

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