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3 hours ago, RobH said:

Looks very good and some really nice plants there.

How long do you give it before you fill the place up :smile:?  1 year, 6 months?  Or less?



1 hour ago, ada said:

very nice and plenty of room for more plants

Much of the bench space is taken up with seedlings. I'm thinking of moving them to the old greenhouse that came with the house which will free up alot of space. I can also put more benches/trays down the centre, so there's scope for many more plants. I'm hoping I won't fill it for a few years, but you never know :tu:

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7 hours ago, billynomates666 said:

Very nice indeed.

Thats a stonkin wooden bench up the middle, did you make it? I like the cantilever aluminum staging too, creates space, does it come with a load limitation?.



A late friend of mine made the bench - he was a patternmaker by trade so knew what he was doing! The other wooden things are mine.

I bought the aluminium staging from TheGreenhousePeople who provided the Robinsons greenhouse. I asked about it's strength and was told it would be fine. So far, so good!

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