Utricularia sandersoni

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im new to this forum and to plants, I started out with planted aquariums then added terrariums and paludraiums to my house, niw this plant i bought about 3 weeks ago and it has not grown a single bit, its in my kitchen on a table with plants, i have it under a small 10w 6000k bulb about 5inches away now for last week do you think this will kick it into gear its pot stands in 2 inche of water


thanks in advance

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Hi Johna,

I'm sure it'll pick up soon. In my experience, once U.sandersonii has acclimatised to your growing conditions it will reward you with almost constant flowering for months on end. This can take some time depending on how different your growing conditions are compared to where it was cultivated. It's possible (and highly likely) that your plant is growing, however it's just putting it's energy into spreading out under the substrate. What growing media do you have it in?

best wishes,





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