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Can anyone tell me why my plant is going brown from the top of the pitchers please? I used to have this tray of plants in the greenhouse but it upset me everytime I went in there and there were loads of hover flies stuck!! I had to give the plant away that was the major sticky dewy culprit there!  

The plants have been in the porch since late summer and have grown new pitchers nicely but just lately the tall thin pitcher plant has started turning brown. It does look to have a bud on it aswell.  I have been watering maybe once a week with rainwater but there will be a draft in there with it being the main door into the house.   Will that be causing a problem?

Sorry I don’t know the names but the plant with the shorter fatter pitchers has been turning brown from the bottom which I think might be normal so should I cut those off? This one also has a nice big fat bud on there too.  

I’m pretty new to carnivorous plants so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. 






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its totally natural for the pitchers to die off from the top,the plant is re absorbing the nutrients from the leaves for the energy to flower,cut off any brown,dry crispy bits but leave the green leaves alone.

Sorry it upset you when it caught flies but this is what they are designed to do,this is how they get their food.

They digest the flies they catch to grow and flower


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Thank you Ada.  I don’t mind them catching flies it was the hoverflies buzzing and struggling that upset me.  I think I got rid of half the hoverfly population of my town! 

So should I completely cut down all those stems to the base which are brown on the top or just cut the brown bits off? 

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