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My plants are sick

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Hello im new here and im from the always summer super hot equator Malaysia, sorry for the bad English. I discovered red spots like ulcers on my drosera as shown in the picture, and it is not producing dew. Second up is my cephalotus, some of it had turned brown. And my venus fly trap had black dots on it's leaves, and i suspect it was caused by fungus. I used rain water, perlite and peat moss as substrate, substrate is always kept moist, and as suggested, put it under full to partial sun, couldn't think of something wrong, unless maybe the full sun in malaysia is too hot compared to other countries, so I've drag them inside a shade. But isn't shaded sunlight not enough for those plants? Please help, opinions? Suggestions?





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I'd agree with Argo88 - the VFT, in particular, looks like it's getting too much direct sun. Some plants will give you a gentle warning before they react this badly (Nepenthes leaves get a red blush to them if they are exposed to too much sunlight). If you have any large plants (pot palms or the like) try placing the plants beneath them so that they only receive mottled shade at the height of the day. Sellers tend to say that these plants like full sun, but then they aren't selling them in Malaysia. I used to work in Singapore and the temperature there at midday could be brutal.

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