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Stupidly I left my:

Drosera admirabillis seedlings

Drosera capensis seedlings

Drosera capensis red seedlings

Nelenthese ventrata plants

And nepenthese hybrid

Out overnight when temperatures dropped to about 0 degrees Celsius for a couple hours , the seedlings germinated about 5 months ago so are probably used to colder temps by now. Will they die or should the plants be ok


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You should be OK if it was so short a duration. I have lost plants with long duration (month long) freezes.

This winter, here in Northern England, I just (March) noticed that hidden away was a Cymbidium (orchid) that has spent all its time outdoors this year with no problem.

That isn't supposed to happen.

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The droseras should be fine, as they are capable of withstanding long periods of cold weather (I've had drosera capensis under 18" of snow for the winter alongside sarracenias in my garden, and they've sprouted happily the following season). The nepenthes are a different issue - depends on whether they are lowland or highland varieties - the highland ones can take much more temperature variation than the lowlanders - just a question of a bit of tlc and monitoring. You could try an orchid feed mist on the leaves as a pick-me-up.

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