Aquatic Mould ?


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Hello C.P. Forum

We have an U. monanthos growing in a Belfast sink, in a reasonably bright sheltered area, on this morning’s algae removing session I noticed what looks like a fluffy white mould on some of the submerged branches and around the bladders, the same stuff is also on some of the oxygenating plants that share the same sink. Can anybody help with what it is and it’s likely cause?

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I've been using a small aquariun air stone in the sink to help oxygenation but whilst I was away for a week or so, the pump was turned off and the Utric. went into full on growing mode, so I left the pump turned off when I got home assuming the plant liked those conditons, so I guess it's a bacterial problem, any help with how this could be cured and avoided in the future would be appreciated, I change about one third of the water every two weeks and keep the sink stocked witrh Daphnia for the Utric. to feed on.

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