50W LED downward heat output

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I am in the middle of setting up a new terrarium (800mm wide, 600mm deep and 1000mm high, although a lot of height will be used for the water reservoir and high pots, so substrate level will be around 600mm under the LEDs). The walls will hold epiphytic plants, so thats why the tank is rather tall.

For lighting I am leaning towards 4 to 6 50W LEDs (most likely CREE CXB3590 or something similar,  maybe in combination with lenses). Heat sinks will be outside the main body of the tank, But I am worrying about the downward heat output of the LEDs, since most of the plant require highland conditions. I was hoping to keep the cooling of the tank mainly a night thing, so if anyone has experienced that these LEDs put out a lot of heat, I might have to find a different solution.

Thanks in advance for your experiences, tips and whatnot!

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If you think that the reduced heat output of the LEDs might hinder the development of the plants in the terrarium, you can get a more powerful bulb than the 50W bulb. Radiators outside the terrarium box are a great solution. If I were you, I might buy these smart bulbs for my terrarium https://www.vont.com/product/vont-bulb-color-smart-light-bulbs-smart-bulbs/. I've had these red bulbs with excellent heat output for a long time, and they don't overheat my plants. Of course, there are many different wattage bulbs on the site. But I'm writing you about these because they're the best for such purposes. Good luck with your terrarium development!

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