Pygmy Drosera

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How long do these plants normally survive?

I grew a range of pygmy drosera for the first time last year from gemmae including D. scorpioides, enodis, gibsonii, macrantha, pulchella, roseana, sargentii, sewelliae, stelliflora and others.  Most grew well during the summer and have produced gemmae which I have now replanted.

My question relates to the 'adult' plants which produced the gemmae.  Will they regrow this year or will they die and just the gemmae grow?  I ask this because some of the plants still look very healthy and I feel sure will regrow in the spring - particularly the larger plants like scorpioides.  Other plants like roseana seems to have a mix of plants, some of which still look healthy but also has other plants which look dead.  Then there are some species especially gibsonii and sewelliae where all the plants look dead to me ie they are brown and look lifeless although they did produce a few gemmae.

So should I expect last years pygmy drosera plants to regrow or only expect the saved gemmae to grow this year?

Thanks, Rob

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Hi Rob,

From my experience of growing pygmy sundews, they tend to last for about 3-4 years, producing at least 3 sets of gemmae over their lifetime. My most prolific pygmy is Hyperostigma, a lovely species with big, copper coloured flowers. 

Hope all is well,


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