When to repot?

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Hi all,

I have always repotted or potted on sarracenia in the spring when I see new growth starting. 

However, could I or should I repot now in January? Is there any benefit or disadvantage to doing it now?

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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Hi Platty

It depends really, as most of my plants are outside I tend to do it in spring when the plant is coming out of dormancy so that any root damage, minor wounds etc caused by repotting or relocating are not left open for weeks and months before they can repair/callous over. However like most I have repotted now and other times of the year without many disasters.



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You can repot any time in dormancy, although I tend to leave leucophyllas until after Christmas.

They'll still grow roots in winter, so whether they have two or three months in the cold to slowly grow roots, or 6 weeks in the warmth to quickly grow roots doesn't seem to make much difference.

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