Growing Subtropical Droseras and highland Nepenthes together.


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Hello there, according to you guys would it be possible to grow these two genera together? I mean at the end of the day they take more or less the temperatures, along with pygmies and tuberous droseras (a range inbetween 8C-30C let's say), although sundwes definitely prefer more stable temps on the cool side in the winter. Albeit, would there be a chance? The only thing that makes me douvbt seriously is atually humidity... i give plenty of humidity to my neps and heliaphoras with a high pressure fogger but i'm unsure this would be good for those sticky-leaved plants.

Any ideas?

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Hi! I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen photos of people that have a terrarium and grow together nepenthes, heliamphoras and South Americans droseras like roraimae, solaris.... so I think that you could grow these droseras:yes:

p.s.: I’ve red, for example, there are an highland and a lowland form of Drosera roraimae... so you should grow the highland one

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