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Anyone heard about new regulations on plant trade that came to life on December 14th? From my understanding this prohibits any internet sales/trades of plants between EU countries and even within those countries without so called plant passports. And such passports are going to be impossible to obtain for non-professional growers. Here are some links:

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Hi, might become partially unimportant for UK next year once we're out of the EU. However, as of now if you read through inc the appendices (especially VIII and IX) you'll see this is targeted at specific plants and pathogens.  Only had a quick scroll on my phone but didn't notice any CPs.

What they are targeting is the right thing to do and long overdue!


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I have been having a look at this in regards to seeds mainly but there is of course work and everything else in the way so I am at the start but there are many papers / regs for this, my impression was as Duncs, there is a list of high risk and there are various statements to be found including -



Since the adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/2031, several preliminary assessments have been carried out concerning whether plants and plant products originating in third countries present a pest risk of an unacceptable level for the Union territory. Those assessments concluded that because certain plants and plant products fulfil one or more of the criteria set out in Annex III to that Regulation, they could qualify as ‘high risk plants’ or ‘high risk plant products’ within the meaning of Article 42 of that Regulation. The same preliminary risk assessments also concluded that seeds and in vitro material of those ‘high risk plants’ should be excluded from the scope of this Regulation as the level of pest risk is at an acceptable level.

I hope for seeds at least we are safe if even those from the naughty list are allowed, I stopped there for now!


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