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My drosera admirabillis turned completely brown and mushy this winter , is there any hope for it ?

Also are my pinguiculas alright outside they're in a small plastic greenhouse,they are p. Wesser, p. Cyclosecta and p. Tina. Are these all ok outside?


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I keep all my Mexican Pings in a greenhouse heated to minimum 5C and they do fine.  You don't say where in England you are but unless you're on the South Coast or thereabouts I'd think it might be risky to leave them outside and unheated.  As Platty says, it sounds like the Drosera might be dead but it could be worth taking the pot inside over Winter to see if it will regrow next year.  I haven't grown D admirabilis but when my D graomogolensis died back a couple of years ago (even in the heated greenhouse) I thought it was dead but it grew back just fine the following Spring.

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