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I am glad I can introduce the first book in Slovenia about carnivorous plants Carnivorous Plants, Beauties and Beasts. It has 176 pages, 188 photos, it costs 21€ + 5 € post costs. Sorry, it is written only in our language but photos are universal. You can order it at 




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Wow, this cover is something -- an example of how to attract readers to a book. It looks like something alien, even hard to believe that these are photos of real plants. Are you sure this book is only available in Slovak, or what language is it? I think I've seen something similar in English in book apps, but I could be wrong. I have almost no interest in botany, but damn, this cover interested me like no other. I even heard that you could buy seeds of these plants on Amazon, and you can grow several of these "beasts" right in your room! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for your compliment!


I tried a lot to show CPs from different point of view. As many as possible. And short, only necessary text.

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