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Utricularia reniformis substrate


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Goodmorning everyone, I recently bought an Utricularia reniformis, hasn't arrived yet and i don't know what's the best substrate for this U.

Wikipedia says it's epiphyte and terrestrial, and here i'm confused.. is more correctly use a live sphagnum moss or peat moss and perlite 1:1,  bark,  both :\

Thank you,


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17 minutes ago, billynomates666 said:

I have mine in a 12" shallow pot full of live Sphagnum standing in a tray of water 2" deep in summer, just damp in winter and it grows well every year. I have not tried any other medium for this plant.



Thank you so much for your reply :D

So, next challenge is find live sphagnum!

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Mine's in an irregular, rough, dirty mix of bark chips of no specific size, a bit of fibrous peat, dead/dried sphagnum (for hanging baskets) and perlite. Some grow it in just peat and perlite I understand. As long as it's a nice open mix, with coarse material in it, the plant should be happy.

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