Noob from the Oregon Coast USA

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Hi from Winchester Bay!

I am just getting back into growing carnivorous plants after a 10 year hiatus!

I have a room for my tortoise that has to be kept in humid greenhouse conditions all year. So I thought I might have an ideal environment for my plants to thrive. Plus little fruit flies just love it in there too!

I perchased myself an established Nepenthes Ventrata plant to start out with.

But I also ordered seeds of 2 varieties just for the challenge. But I highly doubt I will have the capacity to wait a whole year for a seed to sprout....

I planted some venus flytrap seeds too. My favorite carnivorous plant, admittedly ! 

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So it's looking like I bought fake venus flytrap seeds from a seller on ebay. Whoops.... I guess they were just selling seeds that they bought wholesale  from China! 

So I went ahead and ordered myself a few small established plants  to start with instead of playing around with seeds. I also ordered myself a grow light too. 

Yeah when I was a dumb little kid, I killed so many CPs ... it was just so easy to by them at my local grocery store for $5 -$10. I promise myself to be a caring horticulturist at this point in my life!


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