Pygmy Drosera Problems

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This year I have tried growing Pygmy Drosera with varying degrees of success.  I have some Pygmy Drosera that have done very well from gemmae.  D. stelliflora, roseana and ericksoniana x pulchella as well as others are all looking very healthy.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with all my Pygmy Drosera.  From the pictures below can someone tell me what is likely wrong with these plants or is it natural they should go brown at this time of year?

Specifically many of the D. callistos Brookton plants have gone brown and appear dead although a few are still alive but do not seem to be producing any gemmae.  D. gibsonii has grown well over the summer but now all the stems are going brown and again do not seem to be producing gemmae.

I should be grateful for some input on the problems shown below.  Compost is an equal mix of peat, perlite, bark chips and silica sand and the pots have been standing in rainwater all summer.


D. gibsonii 1.jpg

D. gibsonii 2.jpg

D. callistos Brookton 1.jpg

D. callistos Brookton 2.jpg

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