Hello from Buckinghamshire


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Hi everyone,

My name is Harry and I have been growing CPs for just over a year now. Very limited on space but so far managed to grow these on a windowsill with a couple of grow lights:

-a VFT

- two mexican butterworts ('tina' and cyclosecta)

- a couple of mature drosera capensis (and trying my hand at growing some from seed after one of the mature ones kept flowering)

- a drosera venusta (South African sundew)

-a trio of young, relatively easy-to-grow nepenthes (ventricosa, ventrata hybrid and bokorensis)

- a cephalotus (probably not the smartest idea as a new grower but I really like them, it nearly died over the summer but have since managed to revive it - it seems pretty happy for now)


Did a lot of research before buying any of the plants to make sure they were suitable but looking forward to finding some new ideas on this forum! I have been told by my other half I am not allowed any more plants but I'm not sure I am going to be able to stick to that... 


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