Tuberous Drosera emergence


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Hi all,

I have a modest collection of tuberous Drosera  and I have been keeping tabs on when they emerge over the last couple of years. They are in an unheated greenhouse. But come into the house for the night if they is going to be a hard frost or anything under -1C. Does anyone else have any data of when theirs emerge? D. modesta is reliably early. Below are my observations. I have some new plants this year so have no date ranges. I'm in the south if England. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

D. modesta 9-19th Oct
D. squamosa 10-17th Nov
D. magna first week in Dec
D. anderson is Last week in Dec
D. aberrans Last week in Dec
D. platypoda first 2 weeks of Jan
D. macrantha
D. rupicola
D. tubaestylis
D. purpurascens
D. stricticaulis


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Hello, I m in Norfolk. My Drosera living all year in semi open greenhouse, so temp. last winter was - 4 to 5 C.. 

Start growing

D. macracantha 1 - 30 October

D. menzesii. 15 October

D. peltata. 30 October

D. purpurascens 18 January

D. auriculata 18 December

D. cristtiflora 6 February

D. mooreii ?    15 December



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Thanks Andrzej,

Very interesting. It is quite a range like mine. -5 s much lower than I imagined they could take. I'm still learning and made a mistake this year by not waiting until they emerged before placing them in trays of water. So I have lost a few species. 

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Hi, - 4 night to +5. a day

Frosts were only a few hours at night, the day was above zero. On these dates, as I wrote, the plants came out of the ground, but stopped growing about 3 cm high. They began to grow quickly only in March, as the temperature during the day began to reach 15 to 20 degrees. I spray the water the syringes from above. Trays with waters start this week. 


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